We are your financial solution partner

We are committed to helping our customers with a financial solution that befit their personality to help them gain the utmost reward from their financial commitments.

Technology-driven banking solutions

Our banking solutions are technology-oriented making it easy for you to access your account through any device that is connected to the internet.

Helping you achieve your financial goals

This could be getting a degree, get a new home or buying a new car, we provide easy access to all of there any many more, to make life easier for our customers.


At Climax Offshore Incorporated, we believe that the beauty of life lies in the little things we do to make our customers live a happy and healthier life.

Finance Planning

We help you make decisions about money that help you achieve your goals.

Wealth Management

An investment-advisory which incorporates investment portfolio management.

Risk Analysis

We initiate initiatives that help organizations avoid or mitigate high risks.

Venture Capitals

Financing startups or emerging firms to help them have high growth potential.

Stock Market

Aggregation of buyers and sellers of stocks include securities listed on a PSE.

Business Campaign

We help our customers increase awareness for their business or organization.

Corporate Current Account

It is a checking account that allows you to carry out routine banking transactions with third parties and allows you enjoy easy access to your money from any online real-time. We understand the unique banking needs of our corporate clients and are committed to providing them with competitive and flexible banking services. We offer top of the industry range of innovative financial and business solutions to all our clients.

Retail Banking

We focus on the provision of superior range of value-adding financial products and services that promote the achievement of a strong leadership position in consumer banking and the provision of electronic banking services.

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